Staff and learners at Greenacre have worked hard to produce evidence that was put together in a portfolio to show how well the school is combating bullying. There are several levels to the award and it is expected for a school to start at the Bronze level and use these awards as a way to improve. We were very pleased to receive the Bronze award on our first review and were thrilled to receive the Platinum Award in September 2018. Greenacre is the first Yorkshire school to receive this level of award and only the second school in England to reach platinum standard. We are exceptionally proud of this and work is ongoing to ensure Greenacre continues to be a school built on foundations of respect and appreciation for difference and diversity.

The Charter Mark shows that the school is working well to support and educate learners around issues related to bullying. It also reflects that we have fantastic practice that continues to improve all the time. This includes how we record and track bullying, how it is dealt with, how we support victims and also perpetrators of bullying. It shows that Greenacre are recognising and educating learners about the different types of bullying as well as taking into account the views of learners.

We are extremely proud of this achievement and remain dedicated to promoting anti-bullying within and beyond the school.

Understanding Bullying Policy

Greenacre Anti Bullying Leaflet

Pupils at Hoyland entered a nationwide anti bullying competition. To find out more information visit