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The Careers programme at Greenacre school comprises of a varied careers education programme and independent advice and guidance to effectively meet the needs of our diverse learners.
The Careers offer has been designed to support all learners to acquire the educational, social and employability skills necessary to make a positive contribution beyond Greenacre. Our Careers Programme is constantly reviewed and is adapted to provide the necessary support for all groups of learners.

Careers Education is provided through:

• Subject Lessons, – A varied curriculum offer develops life and employability skills from Y7-Y14. This includes a wide range of vocational options, to support general and specific accredited outcomes.
• Tutorials, Employability & Life Lessons – Discussions and learning opportunities to develop specific employability skills and learn about job processes.
• Work Experience- An intensive work experience programme available across Key Stages 4 & 5 to enable the development of careers goals and skills.
• Housekeeping Roles- Paid work opportunities within school to foster independence and embed the expectations of the workplace.
• IKIC Challenge- Externally organised enterprise competition which is accessed annually. These benefit from an experienced external mentor to support participants.
• Careers Day- Internal careers days to connect students and employers from within the locality
• Take Over Day- Students across school take over job roles from Receptionist to the Headteacher role.
• Careers Assemblies- Introduced this year to support future pathways and ensure key messages are shared across KS3-5.
• Traineeships and Supported Internships- Offer bespoke opportunities to support learners into employment after Greenacre

Information, Advice & Guidance is provided through:

• Futures Event – Employers, Colleges and partner services are invited to this annual event to share their offer with the students and parents/carers of Greenacre.
• Annual Review Process – As part of the annual review process all students from Y8 discuss their future pathways and from Y9 have access to impartial advice from a TIAG representative present within the review.
• TIAG targeted sessions – TIAG representatives are also invited into school for targeted sessions to support the aspirations of all students.
• External Jobs fairs – Students attend several annual jobs fairs held within the local area to ensure they are aware of the local opportunities and support available.

Greenacre tracks the effectiveness of its Careers programme through the evaluation of accredited outcomes and tracking pupil destinations. In 2019/20, Greenacre had 100% of students transitioning into KS5 provision compared to 81% SEND and 87% PPG nationally (DfE, 2018) Further information around accredited outcomes and pupil destinations is available on our Outcomes page.

The school analyses its offer using the Gatsby Benchmarks and from these creates a yearly action plan to continually improve the Careers offer and develop the roles of staff within school. The below Careers programme will undergo a full review in January 2021 to ensure it continues to reflect the diverse needs of our students.

Careers Programme Overview

Our Provider Access Policy Statement can be found on the Policies and Procedures page.

The allocated Careers leader for the school is Gill Wrest. Contact her directly or 01226 287165.