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Classes for 9 to 13 year olds. Children from Y5 (9 year olds) to Y8 (13 year olds) are taught in three class groups known as Cool.

Literacy and Numeracy are taught for approximately 40% of the time and include whole group, small groups and individual teaching. ICT, Science, PE and Music are taught as discreet subjects of approximately one each a week. Cool lessons cover History, Geography, Religious Education, Art and DT, Modern Foreign Languages and Citizenship.

The lessons are taught using a dramatic enquiry approach known as the Mantle of the Expert (MOE). MOE is achieved through a fictitious story, an imaginative process that is very adaptable so it suits all the individual learning styles of the children.

Lessons are planned in line with the current National Curriculum but is heavily differentiated and personalised to ensure that all children can make progress from their relevant starting points.

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For full curriculum coverage, visit our Policies and Procedures page where you can find rolling programmes for all curriculum areas. If you have any questions or require further information about the curriculum please contact your department Assistant Headteacher, Sharon Wainwright, on 01226287165 or