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At Greenacre we realise that in a world that is changing quickly, technology has become an important part of how we access and interact with the world. As a school we understand the vast benefits and enrichment that Information and Communication Technology can bring to the lives of our learners and as such our aim is to ensure the children and young people at Greenacre are able to take full advantage of this whilst also equipping them to identify, assess and safely navigate any associated risks in preparation for lifelong independence.  Working in partnership with parent/carers and as part of our safeguarding duties we are committed to enabling our learners to take age-appropriate and reasonable risks in the context of safe and nurturing environments as part of their growth and development. At Greenacre we are committed to educating our pupils on how to stay safe in all environments; in and out of school and whilst on the internet.

At Greenacre we teach our pupils the importance of e-safety and how to stay safe and ‘SMART’ online. We are committed to implementing the ChildNet e-safety rules and expectations.


To support learning in school, we would ask that children and young people are supported at home if they are able to access social media. In this day and age, rather than preventing young people above the age of fourteen from accessing these sites, we would promote the safe use of networking sites, which means following these key pieces of advice:

– Always keep your privacy settings as high as possible
– Never give out personal information online
– If you are uploading pictures of yourself, family and friends, make sure that this is with their permission
– Don’t upload pictures taken in school as we don’t allow parents or students to do this
– Don’t upload rude pictures or pictures that may offend people

If you would like more information about how you can keep your child safe online, please get in touch with the Family Team, on 01226 287165. Or email to get details of upcoming e-safety workshops and support we can offer.

To support your child at home to stay safe online follow some of the links below.

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