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Pastoral Team

Greenacre Pastoral Team

Greenacre believes that in order for pupils to be able to learn effectively, to make outstanding academic progress and to make measurable steps towards becoming self-sufficient and valued members of their local community it is of paramount importance that the holistic needs of the learner are identified, nurtured and promoted.

With this belief held firmly at the centre of the Greenacre ethos the school employs a team of professionals each possessing a wealth of skills and knowledge on how best to ensure each and every individual pupil is able thrive, that they remain healthy, safe, are positive contributors, that they enjoy and achieve in all aspects of life and that they are able to make steps towards achieving lifelong economic, emotional, social, physical and academic wellbeing.

Greenacre Pastoral Team comprises of the following people:

  • Pastoral Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead– Under the guidance of the Associate Executive Principal (PDBA), the Pastoral Manager secures the welfare needs of children through leadership and management of Greenacre’s Pastoral Welfare and Pastoral Care team. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team the Pastoral Manager will oversee issues related to welfare, behaviour and attendance of pupils. 
  • Lead on the implementation of safeguarding, behaviour and attendance policies, training and procedures
  • Act as the school’s Designated Senior Leader for Safeguarding and Attendance
  • Ensure a timely, robust and appropriate response to welfare issues including behavioural difficulties, disaffection, poor attendance and medical concerns through both direct work and leadership of Pastoral Welfare Leaders and Pastoral Care Workers
  • Establish effective and collaborative relationships with other professionals to secure regular attendance and safeguarding of pupils through a broad range of strategies and interventions
  • Pastoral Welfare Leads- Pastoral Welfare Leaders work under the guidance of senior staff within an agreed system of supervision, working flexibly within the Borough and wider area in response to the needs of pupils and their families. Pastoral Welfare leads are also Designated Safeguarding leads. When pupils are regulated, Pastoral Welfare Leaders develop and deliver preventative and early intervention strategies to improve pupil behaviour, welfare and attendance. This includes working with and making appropriate referrals to specialist services and agencies. 
  • Pastoral Care Workers– As part of a specialist team, Pastoral Care Workers play an important role in helping to create a stimulating, safe and structured environment for pupils with complex needs.  Pastoral Care Workers provide an on-call service for pupils at times of crisis, proactively supporting pupils in their self-regulation to enable them to settle and learn.  When pupils are regulated, Pastoral Care Workers support pupils’ long-term development through the planning and delivery of interventions, coaching conversations and therapeutic activities or by providing general support in the classroom under the guidance of a teacher. 
  • Associate Executive Principal (PDBA)The Associate Executive Principal (PDBA) plays a key role in determining the strategic direction and development of the Special Provision Partnership (SPP). They assist the Executive Principal in all matters relating to personal development, behaviour and attendance and ensure the SPP fulfils its statutory duties in relation to these areas. They act as the SPP’s Designated Safeguarding Lead and support the development and implementation of robust safeguarding, child protection, health and welfare policies and practices. The Associate Executive Principal is the key contact for external agencies including, for example, the NHS and the Local Authority Designated Officer. As part of the Executive Leadership Team the Associate Executive Principal leads, supports, develops and holds accountable a team of Pastoral Managers. Together, they ensure high standards of pastoral care including the wellbeing, welfare, health and general happiness of pupils.



Staff and learners at Greenacre have worked hard to produce a portfolio of evidence to show how effectively the school is at combating bullying. There are several levels to the award, and it is expected for a school to start at the Bronze level and to use these awards as a way to improve. We were very pleased to receive the Bronze award on our first review and were thrilled by September 2018 to have secured the prestigious Platinum Award.  Greenacre is the first Yorkshire school to receive this level of award and only the second school in England to reach platinum standard. We are exceptionally proud of this achievement and will strive to ensure that Greenacre remains a school that is built on the foundations of respect and appreciation for difference and diversity.


About the Leading Parent Partnership Award

The Leading Parent Partnership Award gives schools a coherent framework to deliver effective parental engagement from early years to post-16. Through this award, schools can meet a number of longer-term success criteria, such as improved pupil progress, punctuality, attendance and behaviour and increased parental involvement in school life. Using the evidence portfolio, leaders can easily demonstrate, to Ofsted inspectors and other stakeholders, that the school has an outstanding and sustainable programme for parental engagement. Greenacre achieved this award in February 2019 and will continue to work to maintain this.


The Greenacre Bagel Breakfast

Greenacre is proud to work in partnership with Magic Breakfast, providing a healthy breakfast to all our pupils so that they are settled and ready to learn. Magic Breakfast provides Greenacre with nutritious breakfast food to ensure children start their school day in the best possible way. Breakfast gives children the energy needed for the busy school morning, enabling them to focus on their lessons. Here at Greenacre we offer The Greenacre Bagel Breakfast every morning to ensure no child is too hungry to learn.

Classroom Breakfast/Bagels

Brief Description: Every morning a child is offered ‘The Greenacre Bagel Breakfast’ to ensure no child goes hungry at the start of the school day. 

Venue: classroom 

Time: Start 9:00am or 10:30am

For more information on the Magic Breakfast provision at Greenacre please contact Elaine Padgett  Pastoral Welfare Lead.  For more information on the Magic Breakfast initiative please visit the Magic Breakfast website.

SEMH Recovery Plan

As a school, we anticipate an emerging and increased Social, Emotional and Mental Health need throughout our school community due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. To reduce the long-term effects on the school community we have created a mental health and well-being recovery plan. This document sets out how we plan to support three key groups; Children and young people, parents and carers, and the staff team.

 Below you can find an introductory video outlining the main aspects of the school’s recovery plan alongside the document itself.

SEMH Recovery Plan