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Greenacre Education Support Services

Outreach consultation that allows precise identification and implementation of support for students and schools.

Greenacre Education Support Servicess (GESS) have been providing high quality training and support packages to schools for a number of years with a strong focus on whole school and individual student behaviour management.

The service offers a range of training course, along with individually tailored outreach support for mainstream schools to identify and support them with strategies to enable students with complex learning needs to succeed and make progress within their existing school setting.

Our business consultants have many years of working across schools, other public sector organisations and private industry, and are qualified in:

  • Accountancy
  • School Business Management
  • School Improvement
  • School Leadership
  • Health and Safety


A service brochure is available by clicking on this link

To find out more about what GESS has to offer or to discuss school to school support, please contact Sharon Wainwright – Assistant Headteacher, Satellites & GESS – at the following;
Telephone: 01226 287165
Mobile: 07861 753208

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