Classes for 13 to 16 year olds

Classes for 13 to 16 year olds Students from Year 9 (13 years old) to Year 11 (16 years old) are taught in year group classes in the Life skills programme, following personalised pathways depending upon the level at which they are working. Core lessons in Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Science and PE are delivered discretely in both a whole class setting and in small groups. Additionally, students follow a Life skills programme that covers RE, Citizenship and Humanities, as well as community based skills, home management skills and personal care skills. The students also access two option groups per week which are externally accredited. All students access a bespoke work related learning experience throughout the Life skills programme.
The Life skills curriculum incorporates a number of curriculum areas and links to the accreditation pathways. Students work towards qualifications in:

Personal Progress

Personal Social Development

Functional Skills (in English, Maths and ICT)

QCF English and Maths

Entry Level Science and PE

Duke of Edinburgh

AQA Units and Arts Award,within arts based and vocational option groups.

Lessons are planned in line with the current National Curriculum but is heavily differentiated and personalised to ensure that all children can make progress from their relevant starting points.

Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it’s creative, valuable and accessible.

Arts Award can be achieved at five different levels, so it provides natural differentiation for students with wide ranging needs.

At Greenacre we are introducing it to provide accredited outcomes in our Arts option.  If outcomes are significant we will roll it out to accredit units such as the Shakespeare production in Year 10 throughout the Autumn term. 

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Life Skills – Rolling Programme