Our Leadership Team

  • Diane Greaves
    Interim Executive Headteacher
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    Diane has worked at Greenacre School since September 2003. She is the school’s Interim Executive Headteacher with responsibility for all students and staff and for the success and reputation of Greenacre School. During her time at Greenacre she has experienced huge changes in pedagogy and seen the impact that this has had on our children. She has embraced opportunities to acquire skills that have kept her at the cutting edge of change - Consultant Leaders, Leadership Pathways, Coaching, Leading Adult Learning - and has used these skills to improve the learning of pupils both at Greenacre and beyond. She has considerable experience of working within other schools, supporting with Literacy, Numeracy, behaviour modification and teaching and learning strategies and has worked closely with the leadership of these schools to ensure learning opportunities are maximised.
    Diane has experience of leading whole school INSET and running training sessions for Greenacre, the LA and beyond. She has worked closely with LA Consultants supporting the NQT programme, delivering the Lead Learner programme and delivering training in Secondary Schools (Coaching, Learning Style Analysis etc), across the borough.
    Diane is an Advanced Team Teach Trainer and works in collaboration with the schools’ Advanced Team Teach practitioners to constantly review and develop the systems in place that support behavior modification but that at the same time ensures that students are kept safe.
  • Sarah Parker
    Head of School
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    Sarah is the Head of School with responsibility for Assessment across school. She is also a Director of the school’s Community Interest Company and has developed a bespoke provision for post 19 students.
    Sarah has lead on the development of two very creative and personalised curriculums. One across Key Stage 2 and 3 focussing on creativity across foundation subjects and more recently across Key Stage 5 with a Lifeskills and vocational focus.
    As the lead for assessment Sarah has established consistent moderation practice, made links with other special schools including a regional moderation group and developed a working group to secure and implement a new approach to ‘life without levels’ including the development of ‘bridging units’ to support the gap between P8 and Y1 end of year expectations.
    Having gained a Master’s degree in Educating Children and Young People with Autism, Sarah has a key interest in research and development. She has led a variety of school improvement projects through the use of Enquiry and has recently established a cross school Enquiry project with Highfield’s School in Wakefield to support TA development. She has completed the Aspiring Leaders programme, Leadership Pathways, Fast Track and is now an SLE.
    As Educational Visits Coordinator she has experience in leading and supporting a variety of educational visits, including a Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition to Poland and a teachers’ research visit to the Gambia.
  • Debby Tinker
    Assistant Headteacher Freeflow & Kexborough
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    Debby is the Assistant Headteacher for the Freeflow department, including the Kexborough Satellite provision. Since qualifying as a teacher she has worked in a number of settings across Yorkshire. She joined Greenacre as a teacher in 2013 following a successful placement as part of her Graduate Teacher Programme. Debby has led classes across lower school (EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2) including our Kexborough Satellite provision. Debby initially trained as an Early Years Specialist with a focus on creative and immersive learning environments. In 2015 she successfully completed the ‘Aspiring Middle Leaders’ Course and has subsequently completed the NPQSL qualification with a focus of improving teaching and learning methods. Debby has taken on whole school responsibility for Recruitment and Retention at Greenacre School. Additionally, she is overseeing the Continuous Professional Development of staff at all levels including Apprentices within school. Debby is part of the Wellspring Trust strategic group for Recruitment and Retention with a focus of sharing outstanding practice. Debby has been involved with our Greenacre Education Support Services (GESS) where she has supported a number of mainstream schools to deliver personalised intervention programmes for pupils with SEN. She has helped to develop and delivered whole school training around marking and feedback, Literacy, Early Years Education, Teaching Assistant on-line training and Developing Staff CPD.
  • Sharon Wainwright
    Assistant Headteacher Cool & Oakhill
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    Sharon is the Assistant Headteacher for the Cool department, including the Oakhill Satellite provision. Sharon is the lead for Communication and Interaction across the school and has training on the use of a range of recognised strategies. She is a Makaton Local Tutor and trains parents and carers with how to use Makaton signs from stages 1 to 4. Sharon also offers support to staff in school with using signs to support pupils to access the curriculum. Her current whole school responsibility is communication and interaction and she works in collaboration with four Lead Teaching Assistants, one HLTA and various other professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists to ensure that pupils are supported to overcome their communication difficulties as much as is possible.
    Previously Sharon worked as a teacher in a range of different settings in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and overseas. In September 2005 Sharon began teaching at Greenacre School and gained experience in managing challenging behaviours, supporting children with communication difficulties, sensory processing issues and physical disabilities.
    More recently Sharon has completed her NPQSL qualification and is an SLE. In November 2014 she was successful in securing the position of Assistant Headteacher at Greenacre. Sharon currently leads Cool including learners in Y5 & Y6 in satellite provision across Kexborough Primary and Hoyland Springwood Primary. Her role also includes offering outreach support to other settings through Greenacre Education Support Services (GESS). Sharon has worked with a number of different mainstream schools and has contributed to planning and delivering personalised intervention plans for pupils with SEN.
  • Marie Harper
    Assistant Headteacher Lifeskills & Carlton
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    Marie is the Assistant Headteacher for LifeSkills & Carlton, with responsibility for personalisation across the school and joint responsibility for teaching, learning and assessment. Marie has previously worked as a teacher in a range of different special schools across Yorkshire where she led classes in key stages in 1 and 2. She joined Greenacre in April 2009 and enjoyed the challenge of moving from primary to secondary, leading year 11 students on highly individualised accreditation programmes.
    Marie immediately developed her skills in managing challenging behaviours, supporting children with communication difficulties, sensory processing issues and physical disabilities. She is an SLE and has worked in collaboration with others to deliver training for the TSA to colleagues from across the borough.
    In addition Marie has also attended external training focusing on students with sensory difficulties, she has also been involved with GESS support work in mainstream schools, where she has devised personalised plans to meet sensory needs and shared assessment tracking information for SEND pupils.
  • Todd Cheetham
    Assistant Head, Post 16 & Opening Doors
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    Todd is the Assistant Headteacher for Post 16 & Opening Doors, with whole school responsibility for outcomes and interventions. Todd also has a whole school responsibility for Science, maintaining an overview of this area across school.
    During his time at Greenacre, Todd has developed his skills in managing challenging behaviours, supporting pupils with a wide range of physical disabilities and working closely with families to provide additional support. He has worked collaboratively to develop a bespoke induction package supporting significant improvements in staff retention and performance.
    Todd has completed his ‘Aspiring Middle Leaders’ and NPQSL qualifications. Todd has been instrumental in the development of systems to analyse pupil progress and has implemented a whole school intervention programme to support all learners. Todd in now a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) with Positive Regard TSA for Assessment with a specialism in PPG.
    Todd has offered Inclusion Network support work in Secondary schools to advise on accreditation pathways and has devised personalised programmes of study to support individuals in mainstream with great success. Todd is also available to support with curriculum/assessment development and PPG Strategy work across key stages.
  • Dan Foster
    Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
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    Dan Foster is the Pupil Welfare Lead at Greenacre, having whole school responsibility for pastoral support. Dan is the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). Dan joined Greenacre in 2004 as a curriculum support assistant with a specialism in Early Years Childcare and Education, later progressing to Higher Level Teaching Assistant before taking on the role of Social Interaction Mentor. Dan has developed skills in leadership and management, family support and managing challenging behaviour. It is Dan’s role to ensure that all learners are safe, well and happy and that they are able to display socially valid behaviour. This includes ensuring the school has robust safeguarding processes and procedures. Dan works collaboratively with a range of partner agencies including CAMHs, children and adult Social Care and Health. Dan is a member of Barnsley Safeguarding Children Partnership, the Safeguarding Children with Disabilities and Complex Health Needs sub-committee and the Neglect sub-committee. Dan is a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) in behaviour & discipline.
    Dan has worked to develop the multi-agency hub at Greenacre which is designed to ensure partner agencies work in close collaboration to meet the holistic needs of all pupils in a timely and effective way. Dan works to ensure that pupils can leave Greenacre as independent and equipped for adulthood as possible, and with the correct support around them.
  • Rebecca Hill
    SENDCO for Lower School
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    Beccy joined Greenacre in September 2017 from Mossbrook School in Sheffield. Beccy has been supporting students with special education needs within Sheffield for the most of her career and works across the borough on secondment. Beccy shares the whole school responsibility for communication and interaction and the provision for complex needs pupils with Hannah Williams (Upper School SENDCO). Beccy is also based in COOL for one day a week.
  • Hannah Williams
    SENDCO for Upper School
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    Hannah is the SENDCO for Upper School (Lifeskills, P16 and KS3 Satellites). She has taught at Greenacre since September 2010 in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2. Over her time at Greenacre Hannah has developed and implemented a new EYFS curriculum for F1 and led early years assessment within school.
    During her time at Greenacre Hannah has gained experience in teaching children with multi-sensory needs, students with visual and hearing impairments, speech and language delay and challenging behaviour. Hannah is also a licensed Thrive Practitioner.
    Hannah has a whole school responsibility for ICT and computing which involves her working with and leading a group of lead teaching assistants to develop ICT within Greenacre. This involves curriculum development, use of multi-sensory resources, developing the use of software within school and deploying accessible equipment to the pupils and well as upskilling and training staff to develop their understanding of how to use ICT in a cross-curricular way to enhance learning.
    Hannah is also involved in GESS support and works with other pupils in mainstream schools to support adaptations to the curriculum, assessment or any other identified need.