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Research for All

Accessing, applying and conducting research for all.  

Destination Outstanding is a driver of whole school development and consists of staff research and development groups looking at specific areas of school improvement.

Over the course of the last three years one Destination Outstanding group has been exploring how we can use research to inform pupil specific practice.  As well as creating a toolkit with the University of Sheffield to support leaders of learning to co-produce research in the classroom, they have developed a guide on how to access useful, reliable, relevant and up to date research.  The group has worked with colleagues from across the Wellspring trust to produce academic posters that are available to print and share.  This provides classroom practitioners with a route to applying research in the classroom.  We have created a google site to share resources as well as links to our projects below.  

Greenacre students have been working with the School of Education and iHuman at the University of Sheffield to create a Toolkit supporting educational professionals to co-produce research with children and young people. The aim is to provide leaders of learning with everything that they will need to integrate research into the curriculum. Our ambition is to provide young people with real influence over the big decisions that impact on their lives. We hope that you will contribute to our toolkit through your own research.  


To access the Why Can’t We Dream Toolkit? Click on the image below!