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School Improvement

Greenacre is driven by its Strategic Action Plans which sets out what the school wants to achieve over the next five years for the students and the wider community and the actions that the school will undertake to achieve its strategic priorities. The priorities are broken down into 3 key areas: 

Quality of Education

Effective teaching, learning and assessment is critical to pupils achieving the best start in life and preparing them for adulthood. 

The key aims of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment system are to deliver the following outcomes: 

  • An inclusive personalised curriculum 
  • Teaching and learning is outstanding 
  • An assessment system that is measurable, appropriate and sustainable

Destination Outstanding is our in- house development programme for all Teachers, HLTAs and LTAs and our key driver for school improvement. Through focused research and coaching we explore key areas of teaching and learning linked to the school improvement outcomes and our action plans. Each group has a key focus for the year with the findings being disseminated to staff during our September inset days. 

The research focus areas are determined from the following sources: 

  • School improvement action plans 
  • Pupil progress data 
  • Themes from quality assurance of teaching and learning 


The school improvement priorities for Quality of Education in 2019/20 are outlined below: 


Pupil Welfare (encompassing Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes)

The school believes that in order for pupils to make outstanding academic progress and to make measurable steps towards becoming self-sufficient and valued members of their local community, it is of paramount importance that the holistic needs of the learner are identified, nurtured and promoted. 

We will achieve this through delivering the following outcomes: 

  • Supporting and engaging parents and carers 
  • Preparing young people for adulthood 
  • Promoting student safety and well-being 

Leadership and Management and Governance 

The school considers effective leadership, management and governance to be the cornerstone in terms of the actual ability of the school to deliver against its vision, priorities and outcomes. The school seeks to harness leaders at every level including Governors, The Senior Leadership Team, Middle Leaders and all other staff across the school. 

We will achieve this through delivering the following outcomes: 

  • Providing a healthy and safe working environment 
  • Enabling an effective and dedicated workforce 
  • Ensuring robust and resilient leadership and governance