Sports Premium

The PE and Sport Premium Grant provides additional funding to schools to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer, to ensure all students achieve a good level of physical and emotional well-being.

Physical Education (PE) and Sport at Greenacre School plays a vital part in the total development of all pupils. The associated benefits of PE and Sport reach beyond general physical wellbeing and impact on both social and emotional health.

The school is dedicated to using the sport premium to develop a robust PE and sport provision for all pupils, including but not limited to:

– Developing pupil progress within PE and Sport lessons
– Recruiting and retaining staff with appropriate qualifications and skills to deliver the curriculum
– Increase opportunities for pupils within school
– Provide clubs for pupils to attend outside school hours
– Create sustainable links with local primary schools
– The funding received by the school for 2017/18 was £17,140 and was used as follows:

The estimated income for 2018/19 is £17,140. The funding will continue to be used to support PE and sport provision for all pupils. We are currently in consultation with several companies to install further outdoor equipment and renew accessible bikes. 

In addition to increasing participation in sport, the school has had a number of achievements over the last year in relation to PE and Sport:


– Ability Challenge regional– Finished 3rd in South Yorkshire
– Regional participants in primary Panathlon swimming gala.
– Attended Disport Junior Athletics – numerous places and medals


– South Yorkshire Panathlon inclusive multi-sports participants
– Regional participants in primary Panathlon swimming gala.
– Regional participants in secondary Panathlon swimming gala.
– Table cricket coached sessions from Yorkshire Cricket Board


To view Year 6 Swimming outcomes please follow the link below:

Year 6 Swimming Outcomes