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Greenacre School

Proud partner of Wellspring Academy Trust

Welcome to Greenacre School

Greenacre is a special school educating children and young people aged 3 – 19 with severe and complex needs. The school became an Academy in April 2015 and subsequently joined Wellspring Academy Trust in April 2017.  This provides an exciting opportunity for the school to work in collaboration as part of a wider family of schools with an ethos and values that mirror those of Greenacre.  This will in turn, provide an even stronger platform to improve outcomes and opportunities for all the children and young people associated with the school. The school has received its second OFSTED OUTSTANDING judgement in January 2018.

Greenacre is driven by its School Action Plan which sets out what the school wants to achieve over the next five years for the pupils, students and the wider community and the actions that the school will undertake to achieve its strategic priorities.

Underpinning the strategic and operational planning lies the School Vision and a set of Core Values that shape the ethos of the school and the way the school ‘does things’ to achieve its aims.

From their different starting points all groups of pupils make good or better progress and this is consistently linked to the good and outstanding quality of teaching and support to which they are exposed daily.

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School Core Values

Having a plan, a goal or ambitions. Wanting to achieve something.

Respect is how you feel about someone and how you treat someone. Having respect for someone means you think good things about a person and how they act. Showing respect to someone means you act in a way that shows you care about their feelings.

This is about achieving things as a group. We are usually better as a group than individually.

Having people and things that you believe in. We trust in people who are honest and things that are reliable.

The feeling of being valued and respected. This builds your self- esteem.

Giving someone or something care and attention so that it is growing and developing.

This is how you feel when you or a friend does something good or difficult. It is like happiness and satisfaction.